A Fate Inked in Blood: Book One of the Saga of the Unfated

Danielle L. Jensen

Destiny, Duty, and Forbidden Desire: A Review of “A Fate Inked in Blood” by Danielle L. Jensen

Danielle L. Jensen’s “A Fate Inked in Blood” kicks off the “Saga of the Unfated” with a captivating blend of action, romance, and Norse mythology. The novel throws us into the world of Freya, a strong-willed woman yearning to be a warrior, trapped in an unwanted marriage. Her life takes a dramatic turn when she’s revealed to possess a drop of a goddess’s blood, making her a shield maiden with unique abilities.


  • Compelling Protagonist: Freya is a strong and relatable heroine. She’s fierce, independent, and harbors a deep desire to defy the limitations placed upon her. Her journey of self-discovery and honing her skills makes for an engaging read.
  • Norse Mythology Influence: The story is richly woven with elements of Norse mythology, adding depth and intrigue to the world-building. Fans of the mythology will appreciate the familiar names and themes presented with a fresh twist.
  • Forbidden Romance: The simmering tension between Freya and Bjorn, the Jarl’s son tasked with protecting her, adds an exciting layer of conflict and forbidden desire to the story. However, this element might feel a bit predictable for some readers.


  • Pacing: The initial chapters move quickly, establishing the world and setting the stage for Freya’s journey. However, the middle section might feel slightly slower as she trains and navigates the complexities of her newfound identity.
  • World-Building: While the Norse mythology influence creates a captivating background, the world itself could benefit from further development. Some readers might crave more details about the specific regions, cultures, and political landscape.

Overall: “A Fate Inked in Blood” is a promising start to a new series. It offers an exciting mix of action, romance, and mythological elements, with a strong female lead at the helm. While the pacing and world-building could be further refined, the book is sure to leave readers intrigued and eager to see where Freya’s journey takes her next.

Recommendation: Recommended for fans of fantasy novels with strong female characters, Norse mythology influences, and a touch of forbidden romance.