Do It Anyway: Don’t Give Up Before It Gets Good

Tasha Cobbs Leonard

## Finding Strength and Faith in Facing Challenges: A Review of “Do It Anyway” by Tasha Cobbs Leonard

In “Do It Anyway,” pastor, entrepreneur, and gospel singer Tasha Cobbs Leonard draws on her personal experiences and faith to offer a message of perseverance and encouragement. Through sharing stories of her own struggles, including infertility, depression, and navigating a blended family, she inspires readers to embrace challenges with resilience and hold onto their faith.


– **Personal and Relatable:** Cobbs Leonard doesn’t shy away from sharing her vulnerabilities and struggles, making the book relatable to readers facing their own challenges, regardless of their faith background.
– **Emphasis on Faith and Resilience:** The core message of “Do It Anyway” promotes finding strength and resilience through faith, regardless of the difficulties life throws your way. This message can be uplifting and encouraging for those seeking hope and inspiration.
– **Actionable Steps:** The book offers practical strategies and steps to help readers overcome challenges and achieve their goals, going beyond simply offering motivational platitudes.


– **Spiritual Focus:** The book is grounded in Christian faith, and its core message aligns with a faith-based perspective. Readers who don’t identify with this specific religious framework might find the content less applicable to their personal beliefs.
– **Limited Scope:** While Cobbs Leonard shares personal stories, the book primarily focuses on her triumphs and eventual successes. Readers seeking a more nuanced exploration of navigating ongoing struggles and failures might find the portrayal lacking in depth.
– **Repetitive Style:** The book’s structure and writing style might come across as repetitive to some readers, particularly those seeking a more diverse and engaging narrative approach.

**Overall:** “Do It Anyway” offers a heartfelt and encouraging message about finding strength in faith and persevering through challenges. While primarily targeted towards those open to its spiritual framework, the book’s message of resilience and Cobbs Leonard’s personal stories can resonate with a wider audience seeking inspiration and practical strategies for navigating life’s difficulties.

**Recommendation:** Recommended for readers seeking encouragement and a faith-based perspective on overcoming challenges, individuals struggling with similar personal issues as those shared by the author, and those interested in exploring the intersection of personal experience and religious faith. Be prepared for a strong spiritual focus and a writing style that might feel repetitive to some readers.