One of Our Kind

Nicola Yoon

A Utopia Unveiled: A Review of “One of Our Kind” by Nicola Yoon

Nicola Yoon, known for her young adult romances with a twist, ventures into adult fiction with “One of Our Kind.” This thought-provoking thriller explores a seemingly idyllic Black utopia called Liberty, exposing the dark secrets and unsettling consequences that lie beneath the surface of this carefully curated community.


  • Intriguing Premise: The concept of a Black utopia is both captivating and thought-provoking, raising questions about equity, identity, and the complexities of pursuing social justice. The initial allure of Liberty quickly unravels, creating a sense of suspense and keeping the reader hooked.
  • Dual Narratives: Jasmyn and King, a married couple entering Liberty with contrasting perspectives, offer nuanced viewpoints and fuel the narrative tension. While King embraces the community’s ideals, Jasmyn’s skepticism and growing unease drive the exploration of the community’s darker side.
  • Social Commentary: Yoon cleverly weaves in social commentary, touching upon themes of racial bias, systemic racism, and the dangers of conformity. These elements add depth to the story and spark further discussion about the complexities of achieving true equality.


  • Pacing: The initial chapters move quickly, establishing the setting and introducing the characters. However, the middle section might feel slower as the narrative delves deeper into the characters’ internal conflicts and the intricacies of the community’s operations.
  • Contentious Ending: The conclusion might leave some readers unsatisfied, offering an ambiguous resolution that is open to interpretation. This can lead to frustration for those seeking a more definitive resolution to the central mystery and the characters’ fates.
  • Lack of Character Development: While the dual narratives offer different perspectives, some readers might find the characters’ emotional and psychological struggles less developed compared to Yoon’s earlier works.

Overall: “One of Our Kind” is a compelling and thought-provoking read that tackles complex issues within a suspenseful framework. While the pacing and ending might not be for everyone, the novel offers valuable insights into the struggle for social justice and the potential pitfalls of utopian ideals.

Recommendation: Recommended for readers interested in dystopian fiction, social commentary, and stories that explore the intricacies of race relations and community dynamics. Be prepared for a story that raises more questions than it answers and an ending that will spark discussion.